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Super Media Wizard v1

WINXP, VISTA, VISTA Detailed Requirements
Price: $39.95 USD Convert Currency (est.)
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Turn Your PC into A Super Media Wizard To Deliver TV in Just 2 Minutes? Sit back and relax without you having to do anything! Let your personalized Super Media Wizard automate your PC at your own command. How would that be possible?

Imagine early in the morning, even before your newspapers could reach you, your personalized Super Media Wizard has already gathered the TV news for you! All you need to do is just click to read the TV news, or get the wizard to read it to you like a news presenter! Don’t be surprised to find that the news appear in newspapers are old news, because Super Media Wizard is way ahead in getting real-time latest updates! Your normal PC and newspapers will not suggest that you flag a cab to work today, but your Super Media Wizard will inform you if it gets news that the train you take to work everyday has broken down 10 minutes ago. It will also remind you to carry an umbrella as it might be raining in the late afternoon. And that is just the start of your day!

Be Entertained at Anytime of the Day!
Think about when you go to work, your home Super Media Wizard takes heed of your request to search for a new song album online and automatically download it; by the time you reach home from work or back from cooking in the kitchen, just plug in your earphone and listen! In this case, you don’t have to spend time searching high and low and wait for the download to finish. Super Media Wizard will also buzz you immediately that the bidding on your favorite ring on ebay is successful or your favorite designer belt is on sales, without you sitting in front of the PC to watch closely and yawn away!

Simultaneously, something on the top left corner of your PC is blinking crazily, your Super Media Wizard informs you instantly of the stock you bought 2 weeks ago had suddenly been bought over by a rival, paying twice the price of the original purchase! So what are you waiting for? Without hesitation, you quickly call your agent, Mike to sell and made an instant $6350 profit! Your agent, Mike is so impressed and even possibly embarrassed that you know all the insider news faster than him! Whether it is monitoring your bet on your favorite sports score, what’s up in tonight tv, your next travel destination deals, car prices, coupon savings, your health alert, music, movie update, weather, TV, latest happenings on town, job recruitment status, games update, wedding dress, cooking recipe, what’s happening in town to anything you want to keep monitoring of, Super Media Wizard is able to keep track and report all for you!

Simplifying Your Tasks Is As Easy As A-B-C with Super Media Wizard!
Schedule your Super Media Wizard to record your favorite TV shows when you’re on an outing, keep track of your online bidding when you’re snoring away, or even search for the best offer in town for your dream car and get back to you tomorrow... Now you can do them all with Super Media Wizard! Just imagine how smart your PC is, that it can actually perform all your requests with one powerful program! Think about all of the world’s greatest things that you can do with a Super Media Wizard that frees you from jam-packed routines. It just makes your life all the better!

Yes, Super Media Wizard only bring what matters to you only! Super Media Wizard serves all your needs at your command, you have 100%control over how you want it to perform tasks for you - imagine going out for a evening jog, walk your dog and finish your grocery and when you settle down in front of your PC, Super Media Wizard delivers all your PC tasks!

Too lazy to do your works and feel like sleeping early? Don’t worry, before you go to bed, throw all your pending jobs to Super Media Wizard and create a list of tasks to be completed. Ask Super Media Wizard to send fashion show event reminder to hundreds of clients, and watch out for your forex investment. Switch on your PC the next morning to find that all tasks are nicely done without you lifting a finger to do it! Take your sweet time for a rejuvenating facial treatment and try out the best looking gown for the big day as you have so much time to spare now!

Never Be Bored Again!
Sick of rereading the same emails forwarded jokes, unchanged content on the website which you keep revisiting, old shows, manually searching for video, TV, music to spend time on every single day? Tired of watching reruns? Hey, there is only so much variety with that little number of channels available to you.

You may not realize it yet, but there is a better alternative to boring PC . How would you like Instant Access to

  • Live! 1,200+ TV channels and clips
  • Live! music from 3,700+ radio channels
  • The Latest Movie Trailers
  • The Hottest Music Videos
  • Live! Update from thousands of printed publications & online sources that meet your interests
  • Guaranteed! Updated every 2 seconds!

    Only Super Media Wizard is able to provide that fast, instant entertainment right to your PC in town! What’s more, you get to catch the TV in motion, news in text, pictures, video or even radio all at a click of a button - yes, a push of a button is all you need to stay entertained 24/7! Direct access to thousands of premium TV, news content and entertainment channels. You don’t ever have to pay for separate subscriptions month after month, because now you can get everything you want right here!

    Your personal Wizard provides a full entertainment 24/7! Yes, anytime and anywhere! We will cut straight to the point - if you have just one PC, you actually have all the power to turn it into a multimedia powerhouse that not only can help you clear the nitty-gritty jobs (which is absolutely time consuming!), but also provide you and your family a wholesome entertainment experience anytime! Also, imagine one day you can stop paying thousands of dollars to buy your TV set, radio, mobile phone... because all you need for a complete multimedia system is just your one PC!

    System Requirements

    Pentium 4 above processor, 256 MB of RAM, 10 MB Free Space.

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